Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art

Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art
Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art

In Homage To The Figure

Today, the primary goal of the Museum is to educate the public as to the evolution and legacy of Agnese Udinotti’s art work.

Administered by its founder and CEO, Agnese Udinotti along with the Board of Directors, the venue, in addition to the Udinotti Art work, hosts exhibitions of special collections, workshops and other educational functions. These events explore figurative art from antiquity to the present with an emphasis on the symbolic interpretation of the human form from a philosophic, as well as aesthetic point of view.

“Reality and Myth, No.9” oil on canvas, 2019

“Cityscape” welded steel, 2020

“Reality and Myrh,11” oil on canvas,2019

Agnese Udinotti - paintingOriginally, the Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art was, and still is, a private, nonprofit 501©3 organization. Dedicated to the study of, and public appreciation for , the symbolic treatment of the human form throughout the ages. Special emphasis was placed on the period from 1500 BC to the present. Now, most of the Permanent Collection has been donated to Hillsdale College, with an ongoing formation of a scholarship fund for the same Institution.

The Museum is housed in two impressive contemporary concrete and glass buildings in Paradise Valley, Arizona. More than 4500 square feet showcase the Museum’s permanent collection, outstanding exhibits on loan from prominent artists and collectors around the country, a Museum office and a gift store.

History of the Museum

Agnese Udinotti - paintingThe idea for the Museum was originally conceived by its founder, Agnese Udinotti, a multi-talented, Greek-born artist, sculptor, printmaker and poet. Udinotti believes that the symbolic use of the human form in art is a powerful communication tool.

Udinotti's love affair with the human form began decades ago. Leaving her home in Greece as hardly more than a teenager, Udinotti always blazed her own trail, inspired by her love of art. This path led her to study at ASU (Arizona State University), where she earned her Master's Degree in 1963.

Greek and Pre-Columbian artEndowed with talent, spirit and steadfast dedication, Udinotti ultimately built and still owns one of the original and most prestigious fine art galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. Many examples of art praising the figure, including her own paintings and sculpture, have passed through the four walls of the esteemed Udinotti Gallery over the last 45 years.

In 2000, Udinotti realized that she wanted to preserve her international art treasures honoring the figure and collected over a lifetime — primarily to educate others about the important historical messages taught by artists through their portrayal of the human form.

As a result, Udinotti researched the viability of erecting a non-profit museum dedicated to the celebration of figurative art. Personally funding the endeavor, she then set about designing, building, and later hand-selecting the Museum's permanent collection. Her efforts were finally unveiled to the public in November of 2007 at the Museum's grand opening event. Udinotti's spirit, vision and search for historical art honoring the human figure carries on today.

Past Exhibitions and Special Events

Agnese Udinotti and Don Reitz. Michael Stevenson painting.
  • Lawrence Spiegel Collection, November 2007
  • Toussaint Encaustics Workshop, January 2008
  • Don Kuntz Lecture: Egyptology: Tombs of Sons of Rameses the II, March 2008
  • Reitz Studio Tour, October 2008
  • Rosensteel Japanese Woodcut Collection, November 2008
  • Mission Pipes Tour, February 2009
  • Arizona Artists: Jeff Bertoncino and Greg West, March 2009
  • Jed Thomas Monoprint Workshop, March 2009
  • Don Reitz Panel, October 2009
  • Art from Papua New Guinea, November 2009
  • Udinotti Painting Workshop, January 2010
  • Wrapped in Elegance: Kimono Exhibition, February 2010
  • Second Don Reitz Studio Tour, April 2010
  • Exploring Arizona Talent: Michael John Basil Stevenson, March-September 2010
  • Exploring the Mind of a Collector: Tribal Art from the Steven J. Fountaine Collection, November 2010
  • Arizona's Historical Women Artists (1905 - 1945), March 2011
Various artists: Jean Pierre LaRocque, Rudy Autio, etc.

Memberships, Workshops & More

Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art.The Museum welcomes new members!

Memberships affordably start at only $50 and increase according to the multi-tiered benefits package. Those interested in joining can attend an upcoming event or access the Museum for an introductory tour by appointment. For more information on membership benefits, email us: udinottigallery@qwestoffice.net.

HOURS: By appointment. To make an appointment, please call 480-946-7056.

PARKING: On premise parking is available.

FOR INFORMATION: 480-946-7056 or email us: udinottigallery@qwestoffice.net.

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